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5 great things to eat for your hair

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We all explore different ways to make our hair look more stylish, or simply look different from time to time. We also talk about the different products we can use to make it look shiny, vibrant, and healthy.

But what about the part nutrition can play in healthy and attractive hair? There’s plenty that we can eat or drink on a daily basis that can contribute to a great look, and we wanted to mention a few of the best things to include in your diet to give yourself the best chance of luscious locks.

5 great things to eat for your hair

Dark Green Veggies

You should probably be eating these anyway because – well, come on, they’re dark green veggies!

Options like kale and spinach are among the trendiest health foods on the planet right now and have innumerable nutritional benefits that go beyond hair health. That said, they can also work wonders for your hair – and in particular, can prevent hair loss.

An article on this very topic found that iron deficiency can result in hair loss[1], and dark green vegetables are rich in iron so surely it’s a no-brainer?

Coconut Oil

This is becoming one of the trendier substances out there for numerous reasons. It’s often mentioned as having benefits for brain health and memory.

It recently came up in an article aimed at gamers as a useful tool for sustained focus and energy[2]. It’s even known to help people who suffer from epilepsy!

But for our purposes in this article, it needs to be noted that the fatty acids that make coconut oil so healthy are also known to have a natural effect that keeps your hair shiny.

hair loss

Almond Butter

While we’re on coconut oil, we may as well mention almond butter, which is similarly popular these days and can be used in some of the same ways (in terms of recipes).

There are actually several elements of almond butter that are thought to be good for hair health, but the high vitamin E content, in particular, is of note.

This is known to keep hair both thick and shiny, and in fact, can even help you to grow hair at a healthier and more consistent rate.


We should start by saying guava is an underrated fruit in general. It’s delicious and far too rare in everyday recipes and diet ideas.

But more to the point, it’s also one of the foods most commonly related to hair health. Actually, it’s the leaves that help[3].

By simply adding guava leaves to boiling water (for about 20 minutes) you can come up with a solution that can help your hair grow. That said, enjoying the nutritional benefits of the fruit itself doesn’t hurt either.

hair loss


Salmon is mentioned about as often as any other food in conversations about hair health and specifically preventing hair loss.

The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, which are responsible for many of the fish’s health benefits in general, can ease inflammation that is responsible for some hair loss.

Some say the same acids can help with hair growth as well, with the net effect of a thicker, healthier head of hair.


  1. ^iron deficiency can result in hair loss (
  2. ^a useful tool for sustained focus and energy (
  3. ^it’s the leaves that help (

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