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Essence I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara

FG_AUTHORS: Becky Ashton

My quest for a good waterproof mascara has gone on for my whole adult life, as I’ve suffered from watery eyes for the same amount of time.

Whether it’s hay fever, other allergies or the weather my eyes stream as soon as I set foot outside so I want something that can stay put.

Despite all the promises, from the big brands, about the results of their waterproof products my reality has been very different.

Either my lashes look great, but the mascara doesn’t stay put, it stays put, but all I get from the product is slightly darker lashes that are still short and stumpy, or I end up with lashes that resemble spiders legs.

I can’t even imagine how much money I have spent on the products so far, but the quest is over thanks to probably the cheapest offering on the market.

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara

I will admit that when I was offered Essence I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara to try I didn’t expect too much. Not because it is part of the beauty range from Wilko, but more because of years of disappointment.

How wrong I was. The mascara does exactly what it promises – it delivers volume, and it’s waterproof! It seems most brands compromise on the performance of the product to achieve the waterproof finish, but this one achieves everything.

The brush gives great coverage, with no spider leg lashes, and managed to turn my short blog lashes into long, lush volumised ones thanks largely to the ultra-black pigment which is packed in.

It promises to offer “extreme volume during sports and swimming, ” and I can confirm it performed against all the elements.

I really put it to the test, wearing it in the height of hay fever season, for multiple tennis matches and in the shower and it stayed put throughout.

So no black streaks down my face and it doesn’t crumble off either, leaving a trail of black flakes on your cheek.

All in all, I can’t fault it and I will go as far as to say it’s by far the best performing waterproof mascara I have used – oh and by the way it’s the cheapest!

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara costs just £2.80 and is one of 22 different mascara products available online at[1].



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