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Could your hair be suffering from sunburn? -


Did you know your hair can suffer from sunburn just like your skin? Well, fear not, neither did almost two-thirds of those questioned by leading hair and scalp care brand Philip Kingsley.

Educating people about the importance of sun cream has been a hard enough task, despite the risk of skin cancer so it’s not really a surprise that the effects of the sun on our hair is not common knowledge.

68% of British women said they were previously not aware that hair can burn just like the skin, despite 26% of those surveyed admitting they had experienced sunburn on their scalps – so surely we should all expect our hair to be affected too?

holiday hair “Summer holidays may be one of the greatest times of the year but sadly, they can be one of the most stressful periods for the hair, said Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley.

“Colouring and highlighting hair, as well as increased use of hot styling tools without adequate protection, can create a perfect storm of sorts for your strands when coupled with prolonged sun exposure, salt water, chlorine and humidity – all of which can exacerbate the damage.”

She added: “Excessive dryness of the hair, sunburn and flaking of the scalp, split ends, colour-fade and even colour-change (when chlorine turns blonde hair green) are part of the ‘Five Signs of Summer Hair Damage’. Instead of being left with the frustration and expense of rectifying this damage post-summer, it’s much better to use preventative measures. I advise women to shield their hair and scalp from summer damage in a similar way to how they protect their skin. i.e. use protective sun-care products containing UV filters and moisturising agents.”

Anyone with bleached blonde hair will be aware of the potential damage from chlorine, some may even have experienced that common green tinge! But the common chemical used in swimming pools can also dry out hair of all colours.

Could your hair be suffering from sunburn? -

Of those women questioned, who had previously experienced damage caused by sun exposure, chlorine and sea water, more than three-quarters (76%) of women still forget to take sun-protective hair care products with them on holiday.

So, when stocking up on your summer essentials always look for products that contain UV protection to prevent sun burn. Most ranges offer such products, usually in a spray form so you can use while on the beach or by the pool. When you’re not in the pool or sea then make sure you wear a hat.

Philip Kingsley offers the following three protective products:

Sun Shield (£22) Enriched with Sunflower Seed extract, the lightweight nourishing mist guards against colour fade from sun exposure and diminishes damage and dryness caused by UV rays, chlorine and salt water.

Swimcap (£15) A water resistant cream, which was originally created for the US Olympic synchronized swim team, gives hair maximum protection against discolouration and dryness from chlorine, salt water and UV damage, all while deeply hydrating the hair.

After-Sun Scalp Mask (£17) A cooling and soothing treatment, perfect for those who have burnt their scalp, it immediately hydrates and conditions the scalp and provides immediate and long-lasting comfort. It can also be used on dry scalps all year round to keep the scalp healthy and hydrated.

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