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The average Brit spends £4454 on looking good -


So according to new research, the average Brit spends £4,454 annually on their looks – which is a sixth of the average annual wage in the UK.

The survey by Totally Money found that consumers from Leeds and London are the biggest spenders, with their outgoings totalling a huge £7,000 on hair, beauty and aesthetics.

In Leeds, the biggest spend was on teeth whitening services, while they also spent £587 a year on dermatologists – the highest in the UK.

Those in the capital spent the most on gyms at £601 a year per person – more than £50 a month.

Our home city of Liverpool fell surprisingly midway in the survey, just below average at £4,100, but that’s more to do with us being savvier shoppers rather than not prioritising our appearance!


The biggest spend is on face products at £901, with body products in second place at £536 with hairdressing coming in third.

It seems the residents of Coventry take the most care of their hair, spending an average of £750 a year- or maybe it is just home to some of the most expensive salons in the UK!

The Midlands city was also found to spend the most on Beauty Bars (£326) so if you’re thinking of opening a salon Coventry could be the place to go!

The piece isn’t just about the total spend,” said Joe Gardiner, Totally Money’s head of brand and communications. “It’s interesting to see the breakdown and understand which cities value which parts of their appearance the most.”

The research also revealed 45% of Brits won’t post a picture of themselves on social media if they’re not ‘camera ready’.

Click here to see the full report.[1]


  1. ^Click here to see the full report. (

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