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We are all guilty of believing stereotypes, especially when it comes appearance, from the belief that all Liverpudlians go round with rollers in their hair and that all women from Essex are orange but how true are the stereotypes, or are they more of an urban myth?Online beauty store Beauty Flash has been doing some research and they can reveal just what has been purchased where, dispelling some of the biggest beauty beliefs.SkincareIn London it’s all about the skin, with women buying more face and body products than anywhere else in the UK, with South-West London alone buying more than the rest of the entire country. At the other end of the scale Wales and the North East spent the least on such products.Lisa de-la-Plain, co-founder of Beauty Flash, said: “We are seeing a huge trend in skincare becoming more clinical this year with more medically proven ingredients that are starting to blur the line between traditional skincare and procedures such as Botox or fillers.”HairWhen it comes to hair it seems Liverpudlians are not the biggest fans of the big blow-outs after all, with Chelsea girls taking the lead as more haircare products were sold in West London than anywhere else. In fact London overall, made up a quarter of all haircare purchases.Ladies from Birmingham were the second highest spenders while the North-East was also the lowest region overall for haircare expenditure.Makeup & manicuresThe research also found that when it comes to a bit of pampering South East girls came out on top. Ladies from Guildford, Chelmsford and Reading spend more than anyone else on manicures, making up 18% of the entire spend, while the women of Telford spend the least of the upkeep of their nails.The ladies of Guildford also love makeup the most too, closely followed by Peterborough, while as a whole the east of England makes up for 28% of all purchases.The lowest regional spend overall was again the North-East, while Lancaster is the city which appears to prefer a more natural look,Fake tanDespite some certain reality shows using more fake tan than we have rain in the UK  the biggest fakes come from the North-West and Scotland, who make up nearly a third of all sales across the UK.“We hear the same beauty stereotypes being talked about so much, that sometimes we assume they must be true,” added  de-la-Plain.“Our latest research is fascinating because it shows how wrong our preconceptions can be and reveals more accurate insights into what the real beauty trends are across the country.”To find out more about UK beauty trends, see the Beauty Flash UK Beauty Map infographic.[1]


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