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Get the Look: The Double Bun

FG_AUTHORS: Who Can Cut It?

Muse of London We have seen many celebrities such as Rita Ora rocking the Double Bun trend and thanks to Carly Price of Muse of London now you can create the look at home.

This versatile look is perfect for Summer and is a great festival up-do. The trend is easy to create and keeps your hair out of your face in the hot weather.

Get the Look

Step One

Make sure you are working with clean, dry hair for this look – lightly spray the hair with Catwalk by TIGI Salt Spray, this will create a better hold when the hair is pinned back into each bun.

Step Two

Section the hair and brush through each section using a dress-out brush and spray each section with a defrizzer and shine spray, I would recommend using BedHead by TIGI’s Spoil Me product which will give the hair a light, moveable hold and create a glossy look.

Step Three

Next, part the hair from the eyebrows and clip the top section and you can focus entirely on the bottom section.

Pull back the bottom section of the hair at the nape of the neck, twisting into a shoe lace shape and secure with a bungee elastic and bobby pins if needed.

Leave a few ends out of the bottom bun to create an effortless look.

Step Four

Begin working on the top section of the bun. I would recommend taking the top bun higher up on the crown to make this look more flattering, depending on your face shape.

Pull the top section of hair up to the crown and again create a shoe lace shape and secure with a bungee elastic, and pin any flyaways back with bobby pins.

To secure the look spray with TIGI Hair Reborn Flexible Finishing Hairspray which provides healthy support and a shiny finish.

Click here for more information on Muse of London[1]


  1. ^Click here for more information on Muse of London (

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